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Machinery accessories

Pressurization, clamping and drying extinguishers.

Multiple dryer (SEAC-02)
Pneumatic clamp (MAREX-02)
Vertical and manual clamp (MAREX-01-MV)
Horizontal and manual clamp (MAREX-01-MH)
Digital scale (MKS-BR40)
3 exits manifold for hydrostatic testing of CO2 extinguishers (CPHAP-01)
3 exits manifold for hydrostatic testing of dust extinguishers (CPHBP-01)
Universal tool for hydrostatic testing (UPHBP-01)
Tools to loosen extinguishers
Pistol to pressurize dust extinguishers (UPEN-03)
Pneumatic clamp to pressurize extinguishers (UPEN-02-N)
Flow-reducing high pressure nitrogen to pressurize dust extinguishers (N-64)
Verifier extinguishers
Verifier hoses
Hoses adaptor tool (MRAC-01)
Dynamometer (ocular kit reviews)

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